Mine for loot, Craft Items, Trade on the Market and complete Quests to be the #1 Medieval Miner!

Match resources to create 3 in a row or match 4 (or more) to receive bonus experience and level up faster!

Complete Quests without worrying about running out of moves.

Each Quest will give you Experience to level up and propel you higher on the global Leaderboard for all the Kingdom to see. Compete to be the top Medieval Miner!

Use Boosts to rapidly collect Resources!

All resources that you match are collected in your inventory.

You decide if you want to use them to complete a Quest or sell to other players on the Public Market.

Everyone starts with limited random resources which slowly unlock as your level increases.

Some Quests will ask for items that you'll need to Craft from Resources.

You can use Resources you've mined yourself or purchase additional Resources from other players on the Public Market!

Buy and Sell Resources with other Players on the Public Market!

Make a great income by selling the Resources you mine to other players who don't yet have those Resources or are looking for a quick way to complete their Quests.

Quickly aquire missing Resources for your next Quest!

Complete Quests to gain Experience and Level up. The higher your level, the higher you'll climb on the Leaderboard until you're Number 1 in the Kingdom!

Negotiate on some Quests for higher coin rewards and purchase the Doubler from the Coin store for permanently doubled coin rewards on Quests!

Random Events will occur which unlock further bonus Experience.

Complete the Event before the Timer runs out and get even more bonus Experience!

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